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During my first night in Toliara I stayed in l’hôtel Palétuvier. I was pretty tired from the car journey from Ankilimalinika to Toliara ,it takes only two hours but the road is really bad and it’s quite a bumpy ride. As I was trying to fall asleep I kept hearing noises (that sounded a lot like bird calls to me) . I went to the terasse to see if I had any bird visitors but I didn’t see anything. I went back
to bed and heard that sound again. This time I looked up and saw a gecko above my bed. As I looked around the room I saw
another one near the TV and one on the floor .


Discovering  Ranobe 

Visite de courtoisie – Youth Volunteer programme WWF Madagascar 2012

Woke up at 6 am in Ankilimalinika to wait for our Zebu cart to go on our first trip outside our village. We’ve heard a lot about Ranobe mainly that people do a lot of hatsake (slash and burn agriculture) and that WWF was very involved in that area (mainly the protected area PK-32 where WWF spends a lot of time patrolling to preserve and protect the forest). Around 7 am our Zebu cart arrived and we all jump in with our tents and sleeping bags. The journey lasted about an hour and was surprisingly confortable (compared to a taxi-brousse it was pure heaven). Once we arrived in Ranobe I was quite surprised not to hear the usual screams from childrens (‘vazaha’, ‘cadeaux’, ‘argent’) that we usually get in Ankilimalinika. Apparently a lot of vazaha visit Ranobe and the children were not very impressed with us. During the morning we met the president and he took us to the forest where we saw a lot of baboabs but sadly no wildlife except for the madagascar magpie robin. We got back to the village around 1 pm and we were all starving and ate a lot of rice when we got back.

Afterwards we set our tents, went for a walk to see the sunset and next morning after watching the sunrise we got back on the Zebu cart for Ankilimalinika. I enjoyed my time there but was quite saddened as I walked in the forest and saw that a lot of it was burned beyond repair by slash and burn agriculture.



Before we left Ranobe we had a lovely breakfast (doughballs and coffee), while we were having our coffees we were greeted by an unexpected visitor.


The ring tailed lemur tried to steal our breakfast, needless to say it didn’t succeed. It’s the only lemur that you’ll see in Ranobe, someone from the village said that the lemur followed him home from the forest (a story that I have a very hard time believing) and is now keeping as his pet (although he did try to sell it to us). At first we were all happy to see a lemur but after we learned that he was kept as a housepet we all felt bad for the animal who would have a much better life if it was left alone in the forest.
After we learned that he was kept as a housepet we all felt bad for the animal who would have a much better life if it was left alone in the forest.

Sunset , LC-Wide , Regent's Park

Cat , Seattle , WA

Winter Hummingbird in Bothell , WA

Winter in the South of France