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My current project is doing volunteer work in South Africa

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“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” Benjamin Franklin

Volunteering Abroad – Volunteer Work at a Game Reserve in South Africa
I want to fulfil a long-standing ambition to help endangered species by becoming an environment volunteer worker. From a very young age, I was saddened to see the plight that wild animals face due to cruelty, neglect and human encroachment into their habitat, and I am eager to be involved in helping ease their suffering and contribute to protecting endangered species and help keep wildlife in their natural habitat. I have experience volunteering for APAR (Association for the Protection of Animals in Romania) where I helped create promotional materials including posters, brochures and flyers raising awareness on incidents of animal cruelty and my experience there made me realize the value and impact that volunteers have on an organization’s efforts. Similarly, environmental projects including the one I will be working on, rely solely on the support of volunteers, and without them, many wonderful species would be lost to the world
Starting from 26th March 2012, I will be travelling to South Africa (to a place 85 km from Port Elizabeth) to spend 56 days on a game reserve to help out with the reserve’s animal rehabilitation work. My work will be hugely varied and will include such tasks as vegetation rehabilitation and the eradication of invasive plant species ␣ invaluable for maintaining the local flora and fauna. I will also be helping with fence patrolling to check for wear and tear and to ensure the safety of the animals. I will also regularly check up on the lions and their cubs and feed and clean the elephants in the on-site elephant sanctuary. During my stay I will follow a fully accredited FGASA (The Field Guides Association of Southern Africa) field guide training course, led by qualified and experienced assessors. This programme aims to collect important scientific data on the ecology of different game reserves / national parks / forest reserves, and ultimately produce management plans and develop conservation areas for threatened wildlife and habitats
Not only am I passionate about animal rehabilitation work, I’m also dedicated to educate people about South Africa, and I hope to achieve this through my passion for photography. I have won a number of film photography competitions including the Rip Curl Competition, Tori Amos Inspiration Competition and the Wrangler Competition (Lomography). One of the reasons I became a photographer was to bring awareness about wildlife and I have strived to demonstrate this through my portfolio of work on wildlife photography which you can find on my website. Through this skill, I aim to educate people about the wonderful and rich native biodiversity of South Africa and demonstrate how volunteers are helping conservation efforts.
Being a volunteer I have to pay for my own airfare, travel insurance, medical kit, placement and living costs ( around £3700 ) . If you have an interest in wildlife conservation in South Africa, I would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a donation towards my venture to support Africa’s Big Five ( Lion, Leopard, Rhino, Elephant and Cape buffalo )
On my volunteer placement I will also be documenting my experiences in a journal and through photography as well. Upon my return, this will be published on my websites, , distributed throughout the region via mediums such as magazine and online articles to encourage other people to consider such a worthwhile experience.

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